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Training Development/Consultation

Training Development + Consultation

We work with small - medium size businesses to provide supplemental Human Resources and Employee Relations support. Our clients benefit from our expertise in Onboarding, Employee Handbooks and Orientation, Professional Development, Corrective Actions, Employee Engagement and Company Culture. We work with companies that are in growth mode and don’t have robust Human Resources departments, nor $25,000+ budgets for overpriced software and trainings that bore employees to tears.

We know that it’s hard and stressful to grow a business so we make sure that our clients enjoy working with us. We film comedy skits and comedic trainings that address professional hot topics! Employees are glued from beginning to end and guess what… they remember and apply what they’ve learned! Protecting them and YOU! MooreLaughing develops your employees, empowers your team and boosts the heck out of morale. Saving you on your bottom line, decreasing turnover and costly mistakes. MooreLaughing is a creative, fresh and innovative approach to inspire an engaged workforce! 

Let’s talk soon so that we can learn about your needs and send you a proposal for services. Our consultations are free, loaded with value, quick and easy. And if nothing else, we’ll make sure that you get in at least one good laugh before the call is over.

MooreLaughing is the perfect start or pick-me-up to your conference or event!

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