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Comedic Keynote Speaking & Workshop Presentation

Comedic Keynote Speaking & Workshop Presentation:

Comedian Allison Moore

Your Conference’s Coffee.

Wake up your audience and set the tone for your event! Use us to tackle those sensitive and uncomfortable topics that your team needs to have. Who can do it better than a comedian with an HR background!? Get your audience engaged, ready to learn and inspired to take on whatever initiative at hand! Move your audience to action… not boredom and sleep!

Use MooreLaughing to: 

  • Kickstart your conference or annual meeting with a comedic, motivational message
  • Increase registrations and attendance 
  • Get butts in seats early morning and keep them throughout the end of your event
  • Ensure positive and upbeat energy at your event
  • Increase contribution & engagement
  • Decrease stress or break monotony 
  • Give your audience an enjoyable experience
  • Position yourself for future successful events 
  • Prove that your brand is modern, forward thinking and inclusive
  • Introduce a new perspective or change
  • Teach a lesson or develop a skill


We laugh about it and then unpack it!

Most requested topics: 

  • Race Relations/Diversity/Inclusion 
  • Leadership 
  • Overcoming Challenges for Success

It’s 2020. Stop hosting the same old boring conferences and stressful meetings. Let us help you get a real return on your investment this year!

The fee range for this service $2500-$3800 (travel and accommodations determined per event).


MooreLaughing is the perfect start or pick-me-up to your conference or event!

HIRE Allison
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